Vampire Survivors Weapon Evolution Guides (0.2.12 ver.)
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Vampire Survivors Weapon Evolution Guides (0.2.12 ver.)


You need to make the weapon level 8, get the accessory, and you have to pick up a chest box after 10 minutes mark.


  • Whip & Hollow Heart evolve into Bloody Tear : deals critical damage and absorbs HP
  • Magic Wand & Empty Tome evolve into Holy Wand : fires with no delay
  • Knife & Bracer evolve into Thousand Edge : fires with no delay
  • Axe & Candelabrador evolve into Death Spiral : can pass through enemies with no limitation
  • Cross & Clover evolve into Heaven Sword : deals critical damage, but less damage area then cross
  • King Bible & Spellbinder evolve into Unholy Vespers : the weapon doesn't end.
  • Fire Wand & Spinach evolve into Hellfire : can pass through enemies without limitaion
  • Garlic & Pummarola evolve into Soul Eater : increases in power during HP recovery, and steals hearts.
  • Santa Water & Attractorb evolve into La borra : damage zones follow the player and grow as they move.
  • Lightning Ring & Duplicator evolve into Thunder Loop : attacks twice.
  • Peachone & Evony Wings evolve into Vandalier : union of Peachone & Evony Wings, you can save 1 weapon slot after evolution.